Eating Well & Beyond

Eating Well & Beyond

Are you thirsting for a different cup of tea than mindlessly copying the latest diet trend?

Are you craving for a better understanding on the bread and butter of feasible wellness habits?

2020 has challenged the very fibres that held daily routines together, scattering the pieces across thousands of online classes and Instagram stories. And as much as we’ve been trained to use our heads, to suck it up and carry on, to measure every step and count every dollar until we burn out, sustainable health remains a constant (and priceless) ingredient of the happiness index.

Let’s consider your relationship with food. As you scan through the following list, mentally tick off what’s currently in practice and make a mental (or physical) note of the rest which you will want to apply.

8 Golden Tips To Eating Well
  • Plan your meals each week.
  • Write a good shopping list. Don’t buy any junk food – eliminate the temptation!
  • Work together as a team in your family to plan, source, prepare and cook meals.
  • Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep hydrated – drink lots of water.
  • Avoid whimsical snacking between meals. (Scroll down for our super healthy snack guide)
  • Set meal times each day.
  • Try new healthy ingredients each week. Now is the time to explore!

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Did you know?

Regular mealtimes are good biologically. They provide rhythm and make us stop and focus on eating in upright chairs which improves digestion. The act of talking and listening also slows down the eating process.

Take-Away Ideas

Model positive eating behaviour in your family by trusting children to show or tell you how much they want to eat and when they are finished eating. An important part of healthy eating is learning to stop when they are full. Remind children to eat slowly, chew their food well and enjoy what they are eating. Limit junk foods in your kitchen by introducing more nuts and fruits as snacks to keep cravings and energy level in check.

Super Healthy Snack Guide

  • Nuts and seeds: Create your own trail-mix at home, mix unsalted nuts and seeds in a jar. You can roast some and keep the rest unroasted.
  • Fresh fruits: Best for vitamins, make a colourful fruit bowl to snack on during movies.
  • Veggies and Dips: Hummus/guacamole and crudités. Create your own platter to share!

Next, let’s talk about the bubble of hype and over-expectation. You may fall into this trap from time to time by placing the majority of your attention around the outcome rather than focusing on creating circumstances that will increase your chances of making that outcome come to life.

The most you can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome. The ride is a lot more fun that way!

Let’s focus on these empowering healthy goals to set the conditions right for a well-balanced lifestyle. Again, make a mental (or physical) checklist especially on what strikes a chord in you to get you pumped for the week ahead!

10 Healthy Goals To Empower Yourself
  • Maintain a daily routine (set your alarm in the morning, set up your meals schedule, and if you’re working from home: stand up every hour and walk for a few minutes and if you can, do 10 squats and/or 10 lunges).
  • Stretch in the morning and evening to release anxiety and tensions.
  • Limit social media connectivity. If you choose to watch/listen/read the news: max 30 min per day.
  • Switch off your mobile phone (and other electronic devices) an hour before bed.
  • Stay active – join Thanyapura’s online fitness classes, 45-60 min session per day. We have 2 sessions per day, one low/medium and one high intensity. (Scroll to the bottom for the link to our Facebook page and find out more about our classes)
  • Stay connected with family/friends – call an old friend for a catch up.
  • Breathe/meditate 15-20 min before bed
  • Maintain a healthy diet. (Refer to the top checklist for tips on eating well)
  • Limit alcohol, coffee and energy drinks.
  • Get enough sleep: 6-8 hours per night to fully recharge.

Did you know?

Inadequate sleep has been linked to suppressed immune function. Those who sleep fewer than five hours per night are more likely to have recently suffered a recent cold compared with those who sleep more.

Take-Away Ideas

For many of us, digital detoxing for more than a week or two isn’t possible. But exerting a level of mindfulness to our consumption is an option for everyone. Digital mindfulness is the first step to social media well-being. Scrolling in the wee hours is proven to degrade sleep quality – start by reducing your phone use last thing at night.

Lastly and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

You are figuring it out as you go, but as always, trying something new usually involves mistakes. You will hit some road bumps. You will probably lose your cool at times – and that’s OK. You must learn to be kind to yourselves as you make the best of a challenging time.

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